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About us

Center of Social and Psychological Sciences (CSPS) was established on 1.10.2015 by a merger of three research facilities: Institute of Social Sciences, Institute of Forecasting and Institute of Experimental Psychology. The main goal of CSPS is to conduct research, gather, process and broaden scientific information. CSPS SAS is focused on interdisciplinary primary and applied research in following areas:

a) History, sociology, economics, demography and demo-geography, socio-cultural and socio-political aspects and its relations to development of Slovakia in central European context
b) Slovak history of 20. century, mostly development of ethnic minorities in Slovakia and in near boarder regions of our neighbor countries in the context of European history
c) Social psychology, organizational psychology, cognitive psychology, neuropsychology and school psychology
d) Psychological processes of personality with the goal of understanding psychological aspects of optimal human functioning in various life situations: work, problem solving, strain situations, decision making, educations, micro - and macro – social interactions
e) Theoretical, methodological and conceptual problems of forecasting of Slovak society development in national and global context
f) Socio-economical dimension of global and environmental changes, environmental management and space planning
g) Coevolution of instructional and technological change



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Pozvánka na ústavný seminár

Individual and Society – Online Journal


Volume 21, Year 2018, Issue 1

  • The relationship between self-esteem, aggression and poverty
  • Attachment styles: A motivational framework of personality dispositions in selection and counseling