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On-line journal - Individual and Society

Individual and Society is online based journal that was established by Institute of Social Science SAS in 1998 and since then it has been published quarterly. The focus of the journal is on social sciences and humanities.  The journal is registered in numerous databases: ERIH PLUS, EBSCO, CEEOL  (Central and Eastern European Online Library), CEJSH (Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities), DOAJ  (Directory of Open Access Journals).

Journal Individual and Society is accessible via www.clovekaspolocnost.sk




Individual and Society – Online Journal


Volume 20, Year 2017, Issue 4

  • Introducing the Euro in Estonia and Slovakia: Did it affect people’s satisfaction?
  • Factors of Political Interest – the Internal and External Political Efficacy in Different Regions of Europe

Volume 20, Year 2017, Issue 3

  • Latent versus Open Perception of Globalization as a Cultural Threat: Experimental Study from Slovakia
  • Individual and psychosocial factors of mental health indicators among Slovak university students