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The head of Department of History: prof. PaedDr. Štefan Šutaj, DrSc.

The Department of History is devoted to research of Slovak history of twentieth century. In line with the whole orientation of the Institute, members of staff are researching development of ethnic minorities in Slovakia and regions of neighboring counties situated on Slovak borders. Till now the attention of research was concentrated on issues of development and status of Hungarian, Ruthenian, Ukrainian, Roma and German minorities in the second half of twentieth century as well as present staus of these ethnic groups. The Institute is realizing a basic research results of which are presented on scientific conferences and published in form of articles and monographs. Members of the Department of History are preparing analysis and recommendations and are providing consultations. They are cooperating with universities and other institutions.  The Department of History is participating on international cooperation namely with scientific institutions in Czech Republic, Ukraine and Hungary.



The head of Department of Social Psychology: prof. PhDr. Jozef Výrost, DrSc.

Department of Social Psychology focuses on development of social psychology which is accomplished by systematic study of interactions between people and their social environment.
To fulfill this goal researchers utilize and develop advance scientific instruments to understand and interpret individual and group behavior displays and social relations.
Department of Social Psychology is continuing in traditions deeply rooted in its field. It helps to understand key socio-political, economic and cultural questions and issues.

Activities are mostly focused on:
a) research projects
b) post graduate studies
c) development and implementation of socio-psychological influential programs, which results are systematically presented to the public via various publication outputs
d) the broad scope of publication activities include production of scientific studies, monographs, handbook etc.


Individual and Society – Online Journal


Volume 21, Year 2018, Issue 1

  • The relationship between self-esteem, aggression and poverty
  • Attachment styles: A motivational framework of personality dispositions in selection and counseling