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Organizačná štruktúra CSPV (en)

1. Director

2. Secretariat of director and economical section CSPS SAS

Secretariat of director and economical section report directly to director. Secretariat of director is responsible for securing the agenda (organizationally and administratively), that is associated with the functioning of CSPS SAS and performance of director function. Economical section is a part of secretariat of director. 

3. Secretariats of organizational sections

Secure activities associated with daily functioning of Institute, mostly: economic operations needed for organizational section, preparation of documents for labor-law actions needed for organizational sections, recordings of agenda for organizational section, recordings of postal activities of head of the organizational sections, agenda in the area of relations of organizational section and domestic and international institutions, recordings of attendance and vacations of employees of organizational section, monitoring of development of allocated financial resources and securing of other administrative agenda.

4. CSPS SAS is divided into followinf organizational sections - institutions:

Institute of Experimental Psychology:

Institute of Experimental Psychology CSPS SAS is divided into following scientific departments:

Department of Social Psychology and Behavioral Economy

Department of Personality Psychology and Optimal Functioning

Department of Cognitive and Experimental Psychology

Psychological Laboratory

Institute of Social Sciences:

Institute of Social Sciences CSPS SAS is divided into following scientific departments and teams:

Department of Social Psychology

Department of History

Scientific Teams

Institute for Forecasting:

Institute for Forecasting CSPS SAS is divided into following scientific departments:

Department of theoretical, methodological and conceptual forecasting problems of development of the Slovak society in national and worldwide context

Department of institutional coevolution and technological changes

Individual and Society – Online Journal


Volume 20, Year 2017, 3

  • Latent versus Open Perception of Globalization as a Cultural Threat: Experimental Study from Slovakia
  • Individual and psychosocial factors of mental health indicators among Slovak university students

Volume 20, Year 2017, 1

  • Inter-ethnic relations in Silesia (From the results of sociological research arranged by the Silesian Institute of SZM in Opava)
  • Selected Psychological Aspects of Helping Professionals