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Mgr. Miroslava Gallová (en)

Name: Miroslava Gallová

Address: Institute of Social Sciences, Centre of Social and Psychological Studies of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Košice, Karpatská 5, 040 01 Košice

E-mail: gallova@saske.sk

Department: Department of History

Academic qualification: Mgr., 2017, Department of History, Faculty of Arts, Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice, field of study: History

Areas of scientific interest:
- Gender studies
- History of Košice
- Slovak history during the interwar period

Theme: Gender relationships and status of women during the interwar period, illustrated by the example of the associations in Košice

Individual and Society – Online Journal


Volume 21, Year 2018, Issue 1

  • The relationship between self-esteem, aggression and poverty
  • Attachment styles: A motivational framework of personality dispositions in selection and counseling