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PhDr. Ing. Marek Dobeš, PhD.

Name:  Marek Dobeš
Address: Institute of Social Sciences, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Košice, Karpatská 5, 040 01 Košice
E-mail: dobes@saske.sk
Department: Social Psychology
Academic qualification:
Ing., 1997, PHF EU, Business Economics
PhDr., 2000, FF PU, Psychology
PhD., 2002, NHF EU, National Economics

Areas of scientific interest:
• classroom interventions
• classroom dynamics
• computational modeling of biological neural networks

Teaching and cooperation with universities (involving only Institute of Social Sciences):
Methodology (SVU SAV)
Statistics (SVU SAV)


Principal investigator:

APVV: "Research on trainer couple - group interaction in intervention programme to increase social competence of pupils". 2008-2010

VEGA:  "Impact of change in teachers' social skills on classroom climate and sociometric structure of classroom". 2012-2015

Dobeš, M. (2015) Experiences from Classrom CSPV SAV, Bratislava,  SVÚ SAV, Košice.

Dobeš, M., Fedáková, D. (2010) We Can Feel Well Together. SVÚ SAV, Košice.

Dobeš, M., Fedáková, D. a kol. (2006)What Are We Like? SVÚ SAV, Košice.

Dobeš, M. (2005) Introduction to Neuropsychology. SVÚ SAV, Košice.

Individual and Society – Online Journal


Volume 21, Year 2018, Issue 1

  • The relationship between self-esteem, aggression and poverty
  • Attachment styles: A motivational framework of personality dispositions in selection and counseling