Mgr. Matúš Adamkovič PhD.


PhD., 2019, Faculty of Arts, University of Presov, Psychology
Mgr., 2015, Faculty of Arts, University of Presov, Psychology

Area of scientific interest

  • Research methodology
  • replicability of (behavioral) research
  • poverty
  • network approach to psychopathology

Internship, courses and stays abroad

University of Amsterdam (Network analysis winter school), NHH Bergen (Introduction to behavioural economics), Ulster university (research visit), University of Padua (Beyond p < .05: Modern statistical approaches in psychological science), Masarykova univerzita (Introduction to structural modelling)

Selected scientific projects

2019 – present,  research team member of the project APVV  „Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD): risk factors, symptoms, and their measurement“ (Nr. APVV-18-0140)

2018 – present, research team member of the project APVV „Posttraumatic subtype of depression and its etiopathogenesis: Network approach to psychopathology” (Nr. APVV-17-0418)

2018 – present, research team member of the project VEGA „Negative impact of traumatic events: Verification and stability of the theoretical model of PTSD according to DSM-5“ (Nr.  1/0870/18)

2016 – present, research team member of the project APVV „Psychological causes and consequences of poverty” (Nr. APVV-15-0404)

Selected publications

Adamkovič, M. (2020). Consequences of Poverty on Economic Decision-Making: Assessing the Verisimilitude of the Hypothesized Mechanism. Frontiers in Psychology, doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2020.00171; IF = 2.1 (Q1)

Landy, J. F., Jia, M. (Liam), Ding, I. L., Viganola, D., Tierney, W., … Adamkovič, M., ... Uhlmann, E. L. (2020). Crowdsourcing hypothesis tests: Making transparent how design choices shape research results. Psychological Bulletin. doi:10.1037/bul0000220; IF = 16.4

Kačmár, P. & Adamkovič, M. (2020; in press). Replikačné štúdie v psychológii: Pojednanie o dvoch dôležitých otázkach. Československá psychologie. IF = 0.3 (Q3)

Jones, B. C., DeBruine, L. M., Flake, J. K., ... Adamkovič, M., … Coles, N. A (2020, accepted). To Which World Regions Does the Valence-Dominance Model of Social Perception Apply? Nature Human Behaviour. doi:10.31234/; IF = 10.6 (Q1)

Balazs A., Kekecs, Z., Protzko J., ... Adamkovič, M., ... Palfi, B. (accepted in principle). Moral thinking across the world: Exploring the influence of personal force and intention in moral dilemma judgements. Nature Human Behaviour; doi:10.31234/; IF = 10.6 (Q1)

Chen, S., Szabelska, A., Chartier, C. R., … Adamkovič, M., ... Schmidt, K. (accepted in principle). Investigating Object Orientation Effects Across 14 Languages. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review. doi:10.31234/; IF = 3.7 (Q1)

Adamkovič, M. (2019). Objective poverty and willingness to delay gratification: Do different poverty thresholds and cognitive load matter? Československá psychologie, 53, Supplement 1, 2-14; IF = 0.3 (Q3)

Gurková, E., Adamkovič, M., Jones, T., Kurucová, R., Kalánková, D., & Žiaková, K. (2019). Factor analysis, validity of the perceived implicit rationing of nursing care instrument and prevalence and patterns of unfinished nursing care in Slovakia. Journal of Nursing Management. doi:10.1111/jonm.12887; IF = 2.4 (Q1)

Adamkovič, M., & Martončik, M. (2017). A Review of Consequences of Poverty on Economic Decision-Making: A Hypothesized Model of a Cognitive Mechanism. Frontiers in Psychology, 8. doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2017.01784; IF = 2.1 (Q1)

Brestovanský, M., Kusý, P., & Adamkovič, M. (2016). Faktorová analýza testu prosociálneho morálneho uvažovania u 11-12 ročných žiakov. Československá psychologie, 60(5), 455-467; IF = 0.3 (Q3)


Adamkovic, M., Martončik, M., & Ropovik, I. (preprint). The effect of economic situation on time and risk preferences: Does financial literacy matter?.

Ropovik, I., Adamkovic, M., & Baník, G. (preprint). Duševné zdravie ako komplexný dynamický systém: sieťový prístup k psychopatológii.

Ropovik, I., Adamkovic, M., & Greger, D. (preprint). Neglect of publication bias compromises meta-analyses of educational research.

Membership in scientific and other organizations

2018 – present – member of the Psychological Science Accelerator
2016 – 2018 – vice-president Slovenskej asociácie študentov a absolventov psychológie


3x Honours from the Rector (2015, 2015, 2018); Honours from the Dean (2017)


  • Crowdsourcing collaborations: Psychological science Accelerator; The Pipeline: Project 2; Psych of Psych; MAPS…
    Other work-related experiences:
  • Institute of psychology, University of Presov
  • Center for meta-research in education, Charles University